Cocoa error 132001

Cocoa error 132001

Whenever I am trying to delete any unread email from my iPhone I am getting error “the operation couldn’t be completed (Cocoa error 132001) ” . Emails are still being received but this error is the only issue I see.

  • Jonathan Robert Fisher

    This is related to an error saving a context in CoreData. I have seen this error myself and haven’t been able to find any good information.

    I get the following in the console logs when this occurs:

    Save failed! => Error code [132001], description [The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 132001.)], recovery suggestion [(null)], user info [{

    message = “attempt to recursively call -save: on the context aborted”;

    “stack trace” = (

    And then it includes a stack trace of how you got there, which I can’t show because it’s production code =)