Parse Push Notification implementation

Parse Push Notification implementation

I am going through the Quickstart for push notifications with parse but am having some trouble since it is not optimized for Swift 3. I currently have this code to initialize my connection to my database, which works in Swift 3:

let parseConfiguration = ParseClientConfiguration(block: { (ParseMutableClientConfiguration) -> Void in
            ParseMutableClientConfiguration.applicationId = "***"
            ParseMutableClientConfiguration.clientKey = "***"
            ParseMutableClientConfiguration.server = "***"

On parse, they recommend to add this to the configuration:

var server = new ParseServer({
        databaseURI: '...',
        cloud: '...',
        appId: '...',
        masterKey: '...',
        push: {
            ios: {
                pfx: '/file/path/to/XXX.p12',
                passphrase: '', // optional password to your p12/PFX
                bundleId: '',
                production: false

But I get an abundant amount of errors. I am new to Push so if someone knows how to help add push to the parseConfiguration I would greatly appreciate it.