uisplitviewcontroller master -> master -> detail

uisplitviewcontroller master -> master -> detail

I currently have an app that uses three UITableView Controllers to display data.

ViewOne: Data / Cell links to ViewTwo

ViewTwo: Specific Data relating to the data passed from ViewOne

ViewThree: Detailed Data relating to data passed from both ViewOne and

I want to update the app to use split view controller so that you can have ViewThree as the detailViewController and then select data from ViewTwo or ViewOne on the masterView of the controller.

Whats the better logic here?

ViewOne: UITableView -> SplitViewController ( ViewTwo: Master ->
ViewThree: Detailed)


SplitViewController ( ViewOne: Master -> ViewTwo: Master -> ViewThree: Detailed)

Could SplitViewController support 2 master views?
Is there an alternative / better way?